Refund Policy

  1. Overview and Scope of Policy

    This Refund Policy is made by PT Top Remit, a company duly registered and organized based on the law of Indonesia and engaged in money transfer business (hereby referred as “Topremit”, “we”, “us”, and “our”).

    The terms “you” and “your” will refer to Topremit users, and where applicable to, Topremit for Business users, namely senders, recipients, and to some extent any other non-user.

    The scope of this policy is mainly to educate Topremit users on how the Topremit refund process works and also to govern the usage and use case of both Topremit and Topremit users regarding the refund process.

    Any changes to this refund policy will be informed to you and will not affect any refund request that has been initiated prior to the changes of the refund policy, however the changes will be in effect for any refund made after the date and time that the refund policy is changed.

    In constructing this refund policy, we use the fairness principle as guidance, which means in general, we act as fair as possible in drafting this policy. This refund policy will be applicable both for Topremit and Topremit for Business platform and will apply to all users in the platform and even to non-users of Topremit in some specific circumstances.
  2. Our Refund Flow/Procedure

    Generally for individual users, the refund process starts at the moment the transaction is failed in our system or in any other third party that may be involved in the transaction process. This third party includes but is not limited to our partner and other financial or banking institutions. Transactions may also be failed because of your mistakes, for example, when you put in the wrong recipient's name, or you transfer the wrong amount to us. This refund flow does not apply to Topremit for Business.

    Once we've failed your transaction, you may request a refund via our platform by clicking the "Request Refund" on Home menu in our app, or from the "Activity" menu, select the transaction you want to request for a refund, fill in and/or double-check the refund request details that we have created it automatically for you. After that, send the details back to us by clicking the "Request Refund" button and make sure that in the refund details you have already filled in the same bank account that you used for the transaction. After we've processed your refund request, your money will be refunded within 1 banking day.

    Please note that we will not refund any transaction that has not been requested to be refunded via our platform for any reason.
  3. Rules Governing Refund

    1. Proactive Refund: Once you've created a transaction instruction and the transaction is already in process, it is generally not possible to request a refund of the transaction.
    2. Service Level Agreement: The Service Level Agreement of our refund process is 1 banking day since the refund request is approved by us. Also please note that before making a refund request, you have to make sure that your transaction is already in “Failed” status. We are not able to speed up the process of failing the transaction nor can we speed up our 1 banking day internal refund process.
    3. Non-Refundable Fees: If you request a refund of a sending money transaction on our platform, we will not refund any transfer fees that have been charged, except in clause 6.1 of this refund policy.
  4. Allowed Refund Conditions

    Generally, we are unable to conduct refunds based on your request without going through our platform. However, for some urgent cases, refund may still be possible as long as you're able to provide some underlying document to justify the refund request and the urgency of cancellation.
    Refund request that may be allowed if it is based on any of following reasons:
    1. The transaction is sent to the wrong recipient.
    2. The transaction amount is wrong.
    3. You mistakenly made the same transfer more than once.
    4. Money is misdirected to Topremit accounts.
    5. The payment is rejected by compliance.
    We are unable to guarantee a successful refund. However, we will try our best to refund transactions based on your request. Kindly note that there's some situation outside our control that may make us unable to fulfill your request.
  5. Rejection Refund Conditions

    All refund requests made by you may be delayed or not be processed and refunded if your refund request is:
    1. Frozen by Topremit based on request from relevant authorities, no matter the refund request reason.
    2. Already being sent to the recipient, no matter the refund request reason.
    3. Strongly suspected to be done for the reason of money laundering, terrorism financing, or related to any criminal case currently on trial based on Indonesian law.
    4. Being sent to the relevant authority based on their request.
    5. Your transaction status is still not in “Failed” status.
    In case you make a refund to another bank account other than your own or in another currency other than rupiah, or you do not have a bank account in Indonesia, we will encourage you to open a bank account in rupiah currency or bank account in Indonesia. We have discretion to reject the refund request or to freeze your fund and/or account.
  6. Obligations and Liability

    1. We will be liable for any delay of refund process by you if:
      1. The delay of the refund process or the cancellation of the transaction process is caused by our internal issues.
    2. We will not be liable for any loss, damage, delay of refund process requested by you if:
      1. The delay of the refund process or the cancellation of the transaction process is caused by external factors, including but not limited to your error or delay from other third parties that cannot be reasonably prevented by us.
      2. We will not be liable for any loss or damage to you if your transaction or refund request is subject to clause 5 of this refund policy.
      3. The delay is caused by any sort of force majeure.
    3. However, even though we will not be liable for any refund transaction based on clause 6.2 of this refund policy, we will still do our best reasonable effort to ensure the refund process to be concluded as fast as possible for your convenience.
  7. Governing Law and Language

    This policy shall be governed by the laws of Indonesia, without giving effect to the principles of “Conflict of Laws” provisions thereof. Further, the courts at Medan shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all matters related to, arising out of or in connection with this policy.

    This policy is made in English and Indonesian. In the case of multiple interpretations or conflicts between the two languages, English will prevail and the Indonesian will be adjusted accordingly.
  8. Others

    1. We cannot get involved in disputes between senders and recipients, so we recommend you to know and trust the person or business you're sending to before you make a transfer.
    2. A failure at any time to require performance of any of the provisions contained in this agreement shall not affect their rights under those provisions in any way.